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Having Trouble Managing Carrier Contracts?

Meet The Contract Integration Tool.

Harnessing 20 + years of experience listening to what matters the most to clients, we take a different view on how to approach challenges in the transportation industry. We developed a unique suite of solutions to help clients - from contract management tools to transportation management software that helps drive your business. 

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So, What's The Big Problem With Your Old System?


Of shippers are losing long term revenue because their contracts are being mismanaged.


Of manual data entry can be automated and optimized - Increasing productivity, visibility, and increasing your company's bottom line.


Of shippers spent valuable resources managing rates instead of spending more time with clients and building long-term relationships.

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Over 20 years of experience taught us that depending on individuals to do the difficult tasks of negotiating rate tables, GRI's, and surcharges are time consuming and can lead to mistakes. Our Contract Integration Tool allows you to automate this process efficiently - resulting in more revenue, more time, and less operational mistakes.  Let us us show you how to make your business more profitable with less effort today.



We license our software so you can control your rates without depending on a third party to upload your rates to a cloud solution. GLI Connect Solutions lets you control the data and scalability that meets your needs.


Our software comes from listening to clients, employees and vendors. We created a solution that helps alleviate the challenges that we all face by delivering a product that improves how you work -- now and in the future.


A Time Tested product that works by understanding the different challanges and

offers results based on best practices and real life useful solutions. 

We Know Our Contract Integrator Tool Is Great...

But Check Out Some Reviews Straight From Our Clients!

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"Hideki Nawa
Daiki International Trading Corporation"

"Vince McBean
Schnitzer Steel Industries"

Discover How The GLI Connect Rate Management System Can Save You Time and Help Your Company Manage Rates. 
Aerial View of Containers
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